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Ana Maria Hernando

Ana María Hernando is an artist, poet and translator, with works exhibited nationally and internationally in museums, galleries, books, and magazines.

In 2002 Ana met her beloved spiritual teacher, Don Américo Yábar, by invitation of Sanchi Reta Lawler, while he was touring the US. She translated for him for the first time in Sedona, Arizona. Then in March of 2005 she served as a translator for him and his son Gayle Yábar, on her first trip to Peru with one of Reta’s group. Over the next years she translated for some of Américo’s and Gayle’s groups in Peru. In 2007 Kenneth and Ana founded Salka Star and began leading spiritual healing retreats with their mentor. To date they have led eight groups together.

As a translator and a poet herself, Ana María loves being the instrument for the transmission of Américo’s and Gayle’s poetic hearts, their generosity and their teachings. She has personally been transformed by these spiritual journeys, and is joyfully driven by a desire to give others the same opportunity. These experiences have touched every area of Ana’s life, have brought her about unsurpassed growth and joy, and have strengthened her urgency to bring beauty, wildness, love for the mysteries, and transformation forward into the world.

Ana María, originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, moved to the US in 1986, and received her BFA from the California College of the Arts. She works in several different mediums, including painting, printmaking, and installations. In 2001, she began to collaborate with a group of cloistered nuns in Argentina and later with women in the Andes of Peru. These women’s embroidery and weavings have become the basis for her installations. As a poet, Ana has done readings in Spanish and in English with Kenneth Robinson, and by herself, at different museums and institutions, including the Kemper Museum, the Roswell Museum, NM, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver. For more on Ana María please go to:



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