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Salka Archipelago.
Edition of 30 accordion-folded books, printed in 14 colors from 11 aluminum plates, with embroidered fabric by Carmelite Cloistered nuns from Argentina, metal leaf, collage, color pencil, and watercolor on White Rives BFK. Size varies slightly, but approximately 16” x 90”. 2013

Kenneth Robinson and Ana Maria Hernando collaborated with master printmaker Bud Shark in 2013 to create “Salka Archipelago.” This work is inspired by the extraordinary teacher Don Américo Yábar, and by the salka, a Quechua word that translates as “undomesticated energy,” a wild beauty within us, an aliveness in the heart, a freedom of being.

With this book, we honor R. Crosby and Bebe Kemper, and offer them our heartfelt appreciation.  Without their generosity, this project would have remained a thought-cloud in the Peruvian skies.  We join the ranks of the many artists whose visions the Kempers’ kind support has brought into being.

The proceeds from “Salka Archipelago” will hopefully bring forward a second book in 2014– a collection of art and 60 poems written  in Spanish and English to be sold in bookstores, museums, and other venues.

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book cover, The Year of Lovemaking and Crying, new

The Year of Lovemaking and Crying

In 2013, Kenneth Robinson published a new edition of his 1999 book of poetry titled, The Year of Lovemaking and Crying. This work can be purchased by contacting Kenneth at or through










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