Salka Star | Spiritual Journeys with Don Americo Yabar

Spiritual retreats with renowned Peruvian mystic Don Americo Yabar, founder of the Poetic Salka Movement.   Salka is a Quechua word that Don Américo translates as ‘undomesticated energy.’  Not long ago, a friend of mine, upon hearing the word and its meaning for the first time, broke into tears.  No matter how ‘domesticated’ we may have become, we all have a sense of this wildness within us—a freedom that is the essence of creation.  When we speak of salka, we are speaking of a power derived from beauty, aliveness, grace, and a readiness to encounter life with our whole being.  This power can exist in any shape or size:  In fact, Américo has said, ‘There is nothing more salka than a hummingbird.’  Salka is elemental, poetic, cosmic, ecstatic.”Kenneth Robinson  


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