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“What an absolutely wonderful weekend! I can’t thank you enough for the beauty, grace, and poetry with which you orchestrated our retreat. It truly was fantastic in every way from Don Ameríco and Gayle to the two of you to all of the participants. I’ve never attended anything like it before and am already looking forward to next time, whenever that may be.

– From B., Crestone group participant


“What a treat and a blast of healing, inspiring energy for me!”

– From Z., Crestone group participant


“I want to thank you again and again for the on-going invitations and for all of your encouragement to join you on this astounding trip to Peru.  Every day was filled with such remarkable experiences  — I especially appreciated the calm pace, daily time to meditate and reflect, plenty of quiet, plenty of social time.  Really and truly, it was magical.  In the end, I have an intense longing for Salkawasi — you know how they say experiences are written on our cells? — that place is alive and well within me and I think of it and so many other small, delectable moments throughout my day.  The whole trip/experience seems to be growing.  (Trips usually shrink into a condensed memory.)  Did Don Américo implant something in our souls?”

-From Linda S.


I just wanted to thank you both so much for the incredible time we had in Peru. You are two truly amazing and beautiful people full of compassion and love and true spirituality. What a wonderful journey we had and I look back with so much joy in my heart and a soul that is bursting with love. Everything was perfect and could not have been any better. I truly hope I will be able to travel with you both again.”

-From Julie G.


Our trip was a cosmic cocktail of magic, mysticism, beauty, grace, generosity and healing.  Without a doubt, the blessings I received while there continue to reverberate and expand.  I hesitate to say much more because I am convinced that the mystery of Peru reveals itself precisely and perfectly to each pilgrim, but I will say this:  if the inspiration to join Ana and Kenneth is there, follow it!  The journey will delight and surprise you in countless unforeseen ways.”

-From Rain V.


It’s official. I’m going to the navel of the world.”

-Taylor B.



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