Salka Poetry Project Podcast


The Salka Poetry Project Podcast Series offers an engaging collaboration of conversation and poetry in both Spanish and English by artist and poet, Ana María Hernando, and poet, Kenneth Robinson. The two incorporate in-depth interviews with Colorado master printmaker Bud Shark and Innisfree Poetry Bookstore owner Brian Buckley in order to expand on their own exploration of the intersection of poetry and the visual arts. The podcast will give perspectives on a range of topics including the meaning of salka, the relationship between poetry and spirituality, the intimacy of translation, and the Colorado art scene.

The first installment is an interview of Brian Buckley, the owner of Innisfree, Boulder, Colorado’s own poetry bookstore.

The second installment is a conversation between Ana María and Kenneth about the reciprocal relationship between poetry and the visual arts.

To learn more about the Salka Poetry Project, refer to the
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Ana María Hernando

Kenneth Robinson

Brian Buckley

Bud Shark

This series has been funded in part by the Boulder Arts Commission, an Agency of the City of Boulder.



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