Don Américo Yábar - Salka Star | Spiritual Journeys with Don Americo Yabar

Don Américo Yábar is the founder of the poetic S’alka Movement in the world. He is a poet, teacher and mystic in the Andean traditions.  He is a bridge, a Chak’aruna, between the Q’ero and their extraordinary relationship with the natural world and those of us in a faster, more materialistic, fragmented world.  Américo moves with much grace in both realms.  As with all great teachers, Américo’s message is not only in his words, but also in his being, in the music of his voice, in his obvious pleasure as he says, “in-cray-eeb-lay.”

For Américo, a master of energy, the core of life and wholeness lies in the experience of the S’alka–”the undomesticated energy.”  He and his son, Gayle Yábar, teach their waikis (spiritual brothers and sisters) both in their homeland of Peru, as well as traveling around the world with their message of love and freedom, and awareness of the energetic filaments that connect all life.


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