Peru 2012 Photos - Salka Star | Spiritual Journeys with Don Americo Yabar

Our 2013 Peru journey was titled Ascension, for both its figurative and literal meanings.

We convened in Cusco, as we usually do, and then began the joyful work of opening ourselves to the higher energies–first by visiting Anka Wasi (home of the eagle) in the Sacred Valley, and later at Salka Wasi (Don Americo and Gayle Yabar’s home in Mollomarca, and a place of healing and purification and general rowdiness).  Nine days later, we reached the height of our travels (in so many ways) in and above Ocongate at near 5000 meters.  We were there on December 21, the Mayan calendar’s “end of the world,” and for us, a time of prayer and thanksgiving for our spiritual healing retreat with Don Americo Yabar.





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