FAQ's - Salka Star | Spiritual Journeys with Don Americo Yabar

Is there a time of year when you normally go?
We usually do two trips a year, one to Peru in the Fall, and one to the Caribbean in the late Winter/early Spring. We are also adding a youth trip for the month of June.


When is your next spiritual retreat?

We are offering a trip to Mexico fro February 18th- 25th 2014
More details soon to come.


Are there any other spiritual retreats scheduled?

Yes, there will be more details coming soon.


What if I would like to extend my trip to Machu Picchu?
Here are some helpful links:
Tickets to the Machu Picchu train

Hotels in Aguas Calientes (small town at the foot of Machu Picchu)


What is the Salka Poetry Project? Where can I read more of Ana Maria and Kenneth’s Poetry or hear them read live?

You can learn more about Poetry Readings and The Salka Poetry Project here


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